Dave Cremer

Founder & Project Engineer@ Enerfin Resources Company

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About me

Dave Cremer spent nearly of his entire career, thirty-five years, in the energy industry. He has founded several companies during that period. As co-founder of Enerfin, he led the management and development of the natural gas midstream (pipelines, processing, treating, marketing) business since inception. he also been instrumental in the management and development of several of Enerfin’s upstream oil and gas production properties. I began my career in the energy industry with Farmland Industries, Inc. (Kansas City) in the Petroleum Refining division and later served in various leadership positions in the Natural Gas Products division in Tulsa. I holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Kansas and an MBA with Oklahoma State University. He is active in numerous industry trade organizations and currently serves on the GPA – Legislative & Regulatory committees and the TIPRO State Issues committee.

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