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We know that having a strong network goes a long way to success in the workplace.

Everyday we ask ourselves two questions: Where am i eating lunch today and with who?

After setting up nearly 100,000 lunches - What started as a fun, social way to network has taken shape to becom a full-fledged career development tool . This is what happens when companies drop barriers and open up their lunch cafeteria to meet with potential employees, business development opportunities and connect with users and the community.

Over the years, we noticed that somehow, along the way, social networks designed to help us be more connected actually made us less social. We believe the best ideas often emerge from meeting others inperson - As we enter the multi-billion dollar recruiting industry and bring more visibility to the companies - Our focus will always remain on helping people meet face to face and bringing more fun to work space.

Because everything we do in life,‚Äč is to connect with others!

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Syed Shuttari


Louisa Liu


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