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Get more information you want on the qualified candidates you want to meet with ratings, reviews and testimonials

Candidates want to see
your culture in action

A top challenge for candidates is not seeing the work environment.
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Showcase Company Culture

You just can’t substitute experience - simply inviting candidates for office tours and lunches deepens their memories and help them make better judgements about fit.
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Build Brand Awareness Authentically

Use the power of word-of-mouth to share all the great things your company does. Inviting techies and other influencers into your offices with great hospitality is sure to have them talking to their friends about you.
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Simplify Recruiting

We bring you only the best. Every candidate we send you is experienced, highly-rated and is sure to meet your requirements. All you have to do is figure out if its a culture match.

How it works

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Showcase your company brand

Create a stunning company profile page

With beautiful profiles, employee lists and built-in features to help you set up meetings, invitations and accelerate your PR efforts

Simple, customizable set-up

Customize lunches to suit your recruiting needs

Our scheduling and matching algorithm save you time now and in the long-run. It’s easy to set up recurring events and host lunches on your own turf.
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Top verified candidates

Build pipeline of quality candidates

Be as hands-on or off as you want with manual or auto-approval Easy management of incoming requests

Welcome talented candidates at your doorstep

Our networking model attracts more qualified and experienced users. They may not be actively looking for a job, but are open to lunch and opportunities.
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Sourcing Technology that sets up candidates for you

Verified Employees
Automated schedule matching
Built-in screening

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