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  • What does a company lunch look like?

    Although it varies from company to company a typical lunch starts with a brief introduction of the company by the lunch host and ofcourse yourself! and getting to know the lunch attendees. You may also be offered a tour of the office, given the chance to discuss the company’s mission, product and challenges, eat lunch and meet with the team. Lunch is casual so its up to you how much you want to get out of it and make sure to share contact information with people you click with.

    company mission, products, solutions, challenges, milestones, job orientation and then networking with potential coworkers over lunch. Lasting from 45-90 minutes.

  • Who pays for lunch:

    Again, this may differ depending on the company. We are making every effort for companies to provide lunch for free but in some cases employees may not be able to offer lunch, the attendees will pay for themselves. In that case, there are many options for food delivery and LetsLunch can help to find a deal or coupon for your meal. Of course, the most important part of lunch is getting a chance to connect with your host and their company, a free lunch is just the cherry on top.

    We are making every effort to have every company lunch paid by employers but in some instances attendees will pay for it and in that case letslunch will find a great deal/coupon for it.

  • How is LetsLunch different to traditional job search methods?

    Traditional job search methods involve a standard procedure or application through referral or job boarding postings, then phone screens, then project challenges and onsite interviews. LetsLunch involves a more proactive method of job seeking where you are provided a glimpse of the company’s mission, work and team dynamics during an in-office lunch. Before you apply or do any work, you can see for yourself whether the chemistry is there.

    Its all about the introduction over a casual social lunch and not an interview to see if there’s any chemistry. If not, there is no point in moving to the next level which is more technical and time/energy consuming (for both sides) before even knowing if you like company’s mission, work, and team’s general vibe.

  • How do I use LetsLunch to maximize my job search options?

    Make sure to complete your profile, verify yourself as an employee of your company or create a company page if it doesn’t already exist. You can follow companies to be the first to get notified of lunches, companies can also privately invite you for lunch if they like your profile. If you see available lunches, go ahead and apply! Some lunches may be first in first served so make sure to get in quick. You can also connect with other LetsLunch users one on one, so don’t be shy - invite someone for lunch or coffee -that’s what LetsLunch is for!

    Complete your profile, Verify which company you work for or create the company, Follow companies so you get notified first of lunches, companies will privately invite you for lunch, If you can see any available lunches then apply for it directly -You can also connect with letsluch users for a 1-1 lunch as well as hold a lunch n learn to invite others and share your expertise.

  • Who is this platform made for?

    In these early stages, we are focusing primarily on getting Software Engineers, UX Designers, Product Managers and other tech professions into lunches with startups. If that’s not you, don’t worry, sign up anyways and take advantage of community and one-on-one lunches until we expand to other titles and companies

    and other professions in tech and startups and will soon expand to other titles and bigger companies.

  • What if I am not looking for a job?

    No biggie. 72% of our users are not looking for a job either. Most are probably like yourself who are open to hearing new opportunities and checking out what other startups are working on. Even if you’re not actively looking, Letslunch can still be valuable for you as a long term career development tool, so get out there and explore the tech community!

    Awesome! 72% of our users are not looking for a job either! But are open to hearing about new opportunities. LetsLunch is a long term career development tool -not a job board. Its about building a professional network before you need it.

  • What locations are you live in?

    LetsLunch for companies just launched in San Francisco Bay Area. We are live in 6 countries worldwide including USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and Colombia. If you want to bring LetsLunch to your city please reach out to us at

  • What else is LetsLunch going to be used for?

    While we are currently matching job seekers to companies - in the future we plan to expand allow business development and connecting companies with communities and college alumni.

    Connecting companies with companies - possibities are endless - if you’d like to help us expand our mission - we will be doing an angel round of investing soon. Contact us at and we will keep you updated.

  • How can I contact you?

    We are continuously improving our platform and if you have any ideas let us know: