Shaikh Jalal
2 Lunches

Shaikh Jalal Ahmad

Visioneer, Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach

Redwood City

About me

Hello! I'm a physicist, meditator, pianist, business owner, actor, racer and teacher. From my early fascination with cars, I've founded Fat Cat Motorsports, Inc. to discover and apply Ride Harmony as it relates to vehicle suspensions. I'm also co-founding a non-profit to increase global awareness of how to identify and amplify Ride Harmony in our relationships, both with ourselves and our many vehicles (including your soul in your body!). I have rich, fun relationships with my colleagues and customers, which makes it easy to do what I love each day. I'm also very drawn to inner truth and exploration, which expresses through conducting silent retreats, facilitating group discussions, life coaching, Human Design counseling, and meditation practice. I also love exploring new ideas and being a sounding board for people with start-ups and new ventures. There's too much to share in a limited space but if you resonate with this description, let's meet!

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