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About me

A short Bio about me is available on the incubator web site Internet Inventions at There you will discover that I have founded several companies and helped others. Lately I build large bleeding edge Internet infrastructures. On YouTube you can find the Fiber Internet Center Channel, where I post educational network infrastructure related videos to help I.T. people. With the success of Fiber Internet Center, I am looking to spend some time on new ventures that make use of the Internet. Those who meet with me will get a "no hold back, what-I-think response", maybe a helpful idea or two. As I don't like to see people lose money, wasting time (part of their life), working on something that won't reach the project goal. If hearing bad news helps you adjust and make project changes then this might be a fit for lunch, brunch or coffee at my office. If hearing bad news or direction suggestions bothers you, time together won't be a good idea.