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The Founder Institute is a global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies. Through our four month idea-stage incubator program, you can launch your dream company with expert training, feedback, and support from experienced startup CEOs, without quitting your day job.

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San Francisco
Believer in Hybrid Startups, that "Vision thing". I'm also the founder of :)
Kiran Chhatre

Kiran Chhatre

Hi! I am a Masters in Computational Science student from Germany, majoring in Machine Learning and...


I am a Software Engineer who is interested in Technical Product Management. I like to discuss...

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in Palo Alto, CA at Stone Korean Kitchen
Arturo Garrido

It was a great lunch with Melissa. She is very enthusiastic and open to talk and make good introductions and connections through her network .

in San Francisco, CA at Osha Thai Noodle Cafe
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Charles Mochi and
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