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Adam Jackson

Founder, | Investor and Advisor to Internet Startups

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About me

I'm a software engineer/architect by trade, with a focus on web-based applications and large-scale data mining. My first business was a consulting firm that provided custom fraud prevention/detection software to companies. Many of these custom solutions are still in use and being licensed. My next business, MarketSquare, was a local product search company that helped people shop for locally available products on the web. It was acquired 6 months after launching by StepUp Commerce, a business with the same goals. StepUp, which I co-managed, was acquired by Intuit (INTU) in August of 2006. I'm currently working on my third company, DriverSide, which is a venture-backed startup focused on helping people make better decisions about owning and maintaining their car. I am also an active advisor and angel investor for a handful of startups in the silicon valley startup community.