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About me

... is dedicated to the Conservation and Preservation of fine art and historic photographs. I have extensive experience with a wide range of historic and contemporary photographic processes from the earliest daguerreotypes and salted paper prints to contemporary laminated and DiasecĀ® mounted chromogenic prints. Other processes I worked on include: Ambrotypes / Tintypes / Cyanotypes / Albumen Prints / Platinum Prints / Carbon Prints / Gelatin-silver Prints (in a variety of weights and surfaces) / Chromogenic Color Prints / Polaroid Prints / Cibachrome-Ilfochrome (silver dye bleach) Prints / Carbro Prints / Bromoil Prints / Kodachrome Transparencies / Dye Transfer Prints We also treat various historic negative processes: Paper & Waxed Paper / Nitrate / Acetate / Polyester . or Bath,Somerset UK