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Yale M Fishman

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About me

LetLunch is a great place to grab something to eat with a total stranger from the internet. Let's introduce this stranger - Yale M Fishman. Mr Fishman is a great businessman and a program developer, famous back in 1992 for his first great piece of software called - "Pharmacy". This epic title hit the pharmacy stores in 1993 and it was a hot piece of software and it was sold like crazy because that was the year when the government announced some changes in the pharmacy store regulations and everybody just had to have a software solution like that. Yale Fishman NY is a highly skilled computer engineer that graduated in the famous MIT college. Finishing junior and high school in New York with great colors, Mr. Fishman was a very bright kid looking for a bit of a challenge. Nowadays, 22 years into the future Yale Fishman is a business adviser and he pulled back from the IT industry in 2008. He is eager to meet with people who have new business ideas and fresh startup businesses.

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