Mar 29 2011

Lunch with Drew Houston and Trip Adler: How Cool Is That?

Have lunch with Drew Houston, founder of DropBox, and Trip Adler, founder of How much cooler can it get?

That’s what Eric Edelstein and Gabe Vanrenen, two of our highest-ranked LetsLunchers got to experience last Friday in San Francisco.

Eric, who just arrived from South Africa, tells an interesting story:

“When I arrived from Cape Town 4 weeks ago, I didn’t know that many people in San Francisco. I found out about LetsLunch and it gives me an opportunity to meet new people, find out what is happening in the city and the tech world.”

Maybe Gabe summarizes it best:

“LetsLunch is great about creating serendipity. If you are willing to put yourself out there and meet new people, great things will happen.”

The last word belongs to Trip:

Mar 22 2011

In Silicon Valley, Being Helpful and Persistent Opens Doors

Meet Yu-Kai Chou, the founder of RewardMe, a cool iPhone app for restaurant rewards. On Friday, Yu-Kai got to sit down with prominent investor Jeff Clavier for a one-hour lunch.

How did Yu-Kai separate himself from the countless aspiring entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley? By being persistent. First, he joined LetsLunch and started meeting other entrepreneurs over lunch, with no set agenda, just to network. By consistently being nice and helpful with everyone, he quickly emerged from the lot. That’s how you open doors in Silicon Valley: you never know if the next person you are chatting with may later make an introduction that will change your startup.

All the team at LetsLunch wish Yu-Kai the best.

Mar 8 2011

Free place to stay in Silicon Valley if you code

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Silicon Valley? It’s the place where some of the top hackers are. There’s a problem though: the cost of living in Silicon Valley is crazy. We have a deal for you.

Help us out, we’ll help you out. We actually¬†have a bedroom available, so you can share a place with our founder. Stay with us for 3 months and code with us (you get equity of course). You get to be in on the early action of a cool startup (featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, Huffington Post, Business Insider and more). After 3 months, once you know your way around Silicon Valley, you’re free to find a great job with Facebook if you feel like it, or stay with us and keep growing the product, or whatever else you want.

About us? We have great connections in silicon valley. We may not be the next twitter or linkedin, but we think we can get pretty close. We are a very small team, but we all have engineering backgrounds.

You? Hopefully you like php (we use the Yii framework). You like to code and you like to brainstorm and strategize about product features. You react quickly and don’t mind discussing the product day and night. If you have good CSS taste, that’s a plus, but not required.

Sounds interesting? Contact Syed at