Are you a super connector?

There are some people who don’t seem to realize that networking is really about building and maintaining relationships with other business people and not just having a Rolodex bulging with business cards. The key to developing business relationships is to have two way communication utilizing every tool and opportunity to create interaction, be it through your web site, email, newsletters, customer surveys, online message boards and blogs. However nothing quite beats meeting someone face to face. Communication in person is a much richer experience.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Do you procrastinate over sending out follow up emails or just feel it’s a waste of time? Do you hesitate in introducing contacts to  each other fearing that the relationship won’t be beneficial to you? Do you assume that your contacts will think you are using them for business?

It can be hard to break through the shell of fear and hesitation of being a super connector. But once you shatter it, the possibilities are endless; the experience can be rewarding and vastly expand your sphere of opportunity. And it doesn’t take much time  to get the ball rolling.

James Altucher quite nicely describes how you can become a meta-connector in his article ‘The 9 skills needed to be a super connector’. Introducing two other people who are great connectors is an excellent way of increasing your own circle of connections. Introducing two people who can be mutually beneficial is another great way of super connecting. You might not get immediate results by introducing two people over lunch apart from a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but in the long run, having been the catalyst for something good, you increase your chances of a return favor.

Get going and apply the 9 skills needed to become a super connector. Professionals are always willing to engage with new and interesting people who can add value to their network. So shake off the fear, the assumptions and the hesitation and get connecting, super connecting!

At letslunch we are launching a feature called “Introduce two people for lunch” with just the name and email id’s of two people you want to meet – setup a lunch for them.

For Anne one of our user wanted to setup a lunch between two people she thought should know each other. She filled out the info and an email went out to both the people about the intro lunch.

So start intro’ing people and pay it forward!