Unveiling… The New LetsLunch Mobile App

We have exciting news to share! Today, we launched The New LetsLunch Iphone App, fastest way to invite someone to lunch – Just swipe their photo to an available spot on your calendar. There are several
new experiences you’ll see first time ever on mobile.

We’ve build an app akin to a personal assistant, to make your lunch breaks and afternoon coffee more productive. 

Here’s a quick overview:
  • Never write an email Again. Tap to set time and venue. Use swipe to fill your calendar slots and send invites. Watch the invitation message change interactively by gestures. We’ve made sure you never have to type again on mobile!
  • Reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Now there are no more excuses to get back in touch with friends you haven’t seen for sometime. Its as easy and simple as finding mutual free time slots and swipe pictures in it. We know you’ve been wanting to meet but can’t always make that phone call, write that email or send that text. 
  • Dashboard. All your in person meetings in one place. Quickly glance your list of meeting and their status [accepted/cancelled/rescheduled]. No need to go to multiple applications to check all your meeting requests [sms, Facebook, emails, Linkedin]. 
  • Instant. Got an hour to kill – at an airport or had a  meeting canceled – LetsLunch has instant meetings for last minute invites. Make every minute of yours productive.

More on the way:

Ofcourse this is just the beginning and we have
 an exciting mobile roadmap planned for you. Manage your own Social CRM
by rebuilding social media from ground up as it was supposed to be.
We will be raising a round of funding. Joins us on Angelist.