LetsLunch is Hiring – And we want you to travel the world with us

After a crazy couple of months of rapid growth, LetsLunch is ready to hire again. If you’re tired of the startup grind and want to try something new – then we are the place for you.  No longer will you be confined to your office, or even your desk. Bring your laptop and your sense of adventure as we scale and grow on a global scale.

Who we are:

We are rapidly growing, venture-backed company that has been around for over two years. Our product touches thousands of people on a daily basis and is revolutionizing the way people interact. LetsLunch is bringing people offline  – IRL in real life for building meaningful connections over day to day activities like lunch/coffee.


The Plan..aka..the part where you join us in Latin America:

Our team is an adventurous lot and we enjoy taking full advantage of the global tech ecosystems around us. Essentially what that means is that though we’ve launched our product in Europe, the US, and Asia, we are not tied to any one place. We have been lucky enough to combine our passion for building companies with our passion for travel and are intending to spend the next couple of months living in Colombia.


Right now we need two talented individuals to join us in Medellin, Colombia for the next 2-3 months as we revamp the website and build a mobile app.  If you join us, LetsLunch will cover your airplane tickets, room and board as well as a monthly stipend that can be used for anything…though I highly recommend trying a salsa class or two.  The team will live in a luxury three-bedroom furnished penthouse apartment in the Poblado neighborhood of Medellin -the best and cosmopolitan part of the city.  Medellin was winner of the 2013 Citi-WSJ ‘Innovative City of the Year’ award, and in the past few months hosted both Emtech and the World Urban Forum.  New York Times readers likewise identified Colombia in 2012 as their second favorite tourist destination in the world.



The cost of living in Medellin is significantly lower than the US, while the amenities are comparable. The overall quality of life is excellent. Poblado, the area in which we’ll be living, is safe, clean, well-developed, and full of restaurants and nightclubs. We will will be based in the Atomhouse – a 7,000 square foot coworking space and community center for entrepreneurs.


What we are looking for:

To grow our team and product to the next level, we are looking to bring on two additional team members to join us.

  1. PHP Engineer: We test a large amount of features and experiment with various A/B tests. The engineer will use APIs to connect with other leading social media sites, manage the speed of the site and provide support for backend links for mobile JSON. The Engineer  needs to be creative but also adept with processing large amounts of information in accurate and meaningful ways. What I want is a nerd. Someone who loves to code, to learn, to understand complex and difficult ideas. And then they must have the ability to condense and express those complex ideas.

  2. IOS Developer: The mobile app needs to attract users and seamlessly translate our vision into an experience that combines a UX experience with beautifully crafted location awareness. I’m very flexible with this position. I don’t have a specific type of IOS developer in mind. I’m interested in anybody that I feel can add a lot of power and value to taking letslunch.com mobile. At the end of the day, since the iOS developer will be helping to build the product from scratch, I want to find someone who is a fan of Let’s Lunch and intrinsically understands our product and market.


Candidate Qualifications:

Interested in one  of the jobs? Then read below for what we consider to be essentials for anyone wanting to join our team:

1. You must be a fan of LetsLunch.com and are excited about our industry, users and vision. You must have familiarity with our product – if not, be sure to read this, this, and this

The business has generated growth year after year and we want to make sure you not only understand our business models, but have ideas and vision for where the industry is heading.

2. You are  familiar with internet technologies and various internet news platforms. This is absolutely non-negotiable. That means you must be well read in the following blogs:  Hackernews, techcrunch, mashable and reddit.

3. You must  be a fluent English-speaker

How to Apply

You may only apply for one position, so please choose the position that best suits your skills.

  1. Send all applications to the email address: jobs (AT) LetsLunch.com

  2. The subject line should read: “APPLICATION: [Your Name] – [Position You’re Applying For]”

  3. Send a brief cover letter with the following: 1) Why you want this position and 2) What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done and why. (Maximum 500 words)

  4. Attach your resume/CV.

  5. Include your portfolio./github link. You will be judged almost entirely based on your portfolio.

The Application Process

As applications are received, we will carefully review and be in touch with the most promising candidates.


This position is available to be filled as soon as possible.