LetsLunch lifestyle takes over in New Zealand!

Where would you take shelter if World War III breaks out tomorrow? USA? UK?
China? Probably not. These countries are too busy leading the world to be safe.
What about an island nation in the southern pacific that produces milk and dairy
as much as Middle East produces oil? New Zealand is the most isolated and
expansive fully developed nation in the world. However, kiwis utilize this
physical isolation and the smaller population to their advantage by building a
very strong connected community at the national level. With the launch of
LetsLunch in New Zealand on 26th March 2012, Kiwis are going gangbusters to
use this amazing concept to build meaningful business relationships grow their
network and connect with their community even further.

A fully sold out and an exclusive launch party at Auckland’s pristine Viaduct
restaurant Portofino was organized with a group of 50+ leading entrepreneurs,
business leaders, angel investors, media, politicians & other interesting
personalities across New Zealand. Groups of 4-6 people were placed together
keeping in mind their industries, background, & personality type to make sure
that everyone has a great time, build meaningful business relationships and
grow their network. A facebook competition was also organized to give
ambitious and passionate lunchers the opportunity to meet with high profile
business leaders by telling us on our New Zealand Facebook Page, “ How do you
see benefiting from LetsLunch?” We had terrific response to our competition
leading to 5 tickets being given away to the winners for their thoughtful

Due to the terrific launch event and a fully sold out event, LetsLunch got
explosive media coverage with articles in leading magazines such
 as Techday and  featured on TV3 

As the kiwis get busy lunching and building meaningful business relationships
over lunch, LetsLunch NZ Team has got concrete plans to take LetsLunch to
thousands of kiwis all around NZ.