Free lunches for Engineers in Silicon Valley!

As the war for talent rages on in silicon valley, the hiring process has evolved into a courtship.

RockIT Recruiting wants to start these relationships by buying you lunch!

Engineers can use the LetsLunch powered page to decide where and when they want to have their lunch with one of RockIT’s employees.

RockIT is taking recruiting back to its roots- this is a people business and we care about the people we work with.

At RockIT, we see eating lunch as a necessary evil, so might as well get some networking in while you do it. RockIT has announced a new partnership with the networking startup LetsLunch.com to bring free lunches to engineers. With this partnership, job seekers are able to easily navigate to RockIT employees’ LetsLunch profiles straight from RockIT’s website. They can view and schedule available lunch slots, and specify preferred locations. To kick off this initiative, RockIT is hosting food trucks at its headquarters at 880 Harrison Street in San Francisco on Monday, June 18, from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Going forward, engineers can use RockIT’s Careers Lunched page, powered by LetsLunch, to schedule free lunches with RockIT employees. You don’t have to be looking for a job, you just need to be hungry!