May 19 2011

LetsLuncher Tip for Busy People

What if you’d like to use LetsLunch, but don’t really have the time to drive to a restaurant, have lunch, drive back?

Here’s a simple tip: assuming your reputation is high enough, simply set a tiny location radius centered around a place that is walking distance from your office. What this means is that you will only be scheduled for lunches at that particular place, which is very convenient to you.

To do this, just shrink the handles of your lunch zone, as shown in this image:

Instead of taking 2 hours to use LetsLunch, you can now get it done in 45 minutes!

However, this trick only works if your profile is enticing enough, because it means the person you got matched with will be the one covering the distance. So make sure you are worth it :-)

May 17 2011

Demystifying Your Reputation

One of first questions everyone asks us is: “what does my reputation score mean?” The following question usually is: “my reputation just dropped, what did I do wrong?”

This post will try to shed some light on how we compute your reputation.

First of all, your reputation is a number between 1 and 10. 10 is the best score you can get, usually reserved for famous VIPs like Drew Houston.

If we don’t have any clue about who you are, we assign you a 1. It doesn’t mean we think you are a bad person, it’s just that we don’t have any data to make an estimation.

What does the scale look like? It’s clearly pyramidal, with fewer people as the reputation goes up. For instance, only about 10% of our users have a reputation of 5 or above. So if you are at 5, you are doing pretty good! A reputation of 3 or 4 is quite solid.

Moving on to the second question: why does the reputation change by one point or more? Usually, you didn’t do anything wrong (and no, it has nothing to do with the feedback from your latest lunch partner). We make significant changes to the algorithm all the time and the absolute value of the reputation will fluctuate significantly (sometimes by as much as 2 points!). What matters is that your position relative to others hasn’t changed.

So next time you see a significant drop in your reputation, don’t worry: everyone else’s went down as well.

May 16 2011

New Feature: Discussion Wall to Help Coordinate your Lunch

Last week, we released another feature that most of you are already taking advantage of: the discussion wall.

Now, once you are matched with someone else for lunch, and even before you need to confirm, you can exchange messages through an online discussion wall. Each time you post a message, an email is sent to the other person. So you can easily discuss which restaurant to go to, whether you need to change the time of the lunch, or whatever else.

It looks like this:

And of course this is done without disclosing you e-mail, as your privacy is very important to us.