Have what it takes to be a LetsLunch VIP?

You may have noticed our list of VIPs on the homepage and wondered to yourself, how can I meet one of them or how do I become one?  Honestly, it takes years of Jedi training on multiple distant planets to become a true VIP.  For those of you who can’t commit that much time, the fastest way is to share your Linkedin profile or resume with LetsLunch.  The perfect candidates to join our crew of LetsLunch VIPs are VCs, CEOs, journalists, or those who posses regional influence.  Becoming a VIP is straightforward but what does it really entail?

Our VIPs are expected to provide one hour per month to lunch with one of our premier users.  The lunch will be a unique opportunity for the LetsLunch user to network with someone who can help them find capital, gain publicity for their product, or find a partner to build their company.  VIPs have the ability to specify the type of users they meet based on their interests (cloud computing, Web 2.0, complex derivatives), employment (marketer, banker, entrepreneur), or anyone with a solid reputation score.  Most VIPs are passionate about being mentors to the next class of entrepreneurs which is why we hope you’re ready to bring your networking A-game.  We always tell our users to focus on building the relationship first rather than making the sale; this way both parties can get the most out of this unique meeting.What makes these Lunchers premier?  Each month we select them based on their reputation score.  Their score is a product of their Luncher feedback and social reputation (number of followers, experience, skills, etc).  We also require them to have a minimum of 4 lunches per month and perfect attendance to be considered.  Therefore the Lunchers are selected based on merit rather than who’s willing to pay for the experience.  This ensures the lunch will be valuable for both the VIP as well as the Luncher.

Think you have what it takes to become a LetsLunch VIP?  Email support@letslunch.com so we can determine if you’re worthy.