LetsLunch.com is Live!

In Silicon Valley, being connected can be the difference between success and obscurity. But how do you get to know famous entrepreneurs such as Trip Adler, Jonathan Abrams, Adeo Ressi or Drew Houston? How do you get in front of world-class investors like Jeff Clavier or David Hornik?

That’s the problem that LetsLunch.com solves.

Give us a lunch slot, and we’ll have you meet interesting people to grow your network. The more people you meet, the better your rating, the more access you gain. Including access to those celebrities.

By focusing on real-life interactions, LetsLunch.com is able to measure your true reputation much more accurately than if only using data from social sites like Twitter. Plus, everyone can free up some time for lunch, so it’s easy to get started building your network.

We are now open in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can either find an invitation code, or automatically qualify if you have high karma on some social sites such as Twitter, Hacker News and Stack Overflow.

As we like to say, join our community and discover why “one lunch is worth a thousand tweets.”