LetsLunch Tip: Be Prepared

Put the phone away
Time is money.  It’s also finite.  Meetings, blogs, tweets and full inboxes devour every precious second of the day but there’s always time for a meal.  Why not spend that time meeting someone who can help you connect with a new partner, find that next deal, or even offer your next job?  Efficiently allocating time is a critical aspect of productivity in the workplace and it should also be critical to your next LetsLunch.  Here are some tips for getting the most from your lunch hour:
  • Consider reviewing the restaurants menu in advance so you know what to order before you get there.  This will increase the time for telling your story or pitching an idea rather than selecting the right Maki Roll.
  • Review your match’s Linkedin profile and be especially familiar with their company.  If your partner doesn’t have to spend 15-20 minutes explaining their business model, they can spend it understanding how they can help you.
  • Put the iphone away.  We all know we’re incredible multi-taskers, despite what studies say, but spend your hour focused on the conversation and drawing connections to your network.  You’ll get more out of the meeting and make a better impression with your match.

Hopefully these tips will help you maximize the value of your next LetsLunch.

Feel free to share your time saving advice in the comments.